Teaching Portfolio Shell and Introduction (25 points): Throughout the semester you’ll build an e-portfolio that exemplifies your work as an English teacher and which you can share with prospective employers. For this portion of the project, you’ll use a free web site development program (e.g., Wix) to construct a visually attractive platform for your e-portfolio. Additionally, you’ll compose an “About Me” page in which you introduce yourself to prospective employers, discuss your experiences as a teacher candidate, and identify your career goals and aspirations.

Reading Assessment and Proposed Intervention Plan (60 points): For this assignment, you’ll administer three reading assessments to a student in one of your mentor teacher’s English classes. In doing so, your aim is to assess that student’s reading level, lexicon, and comprehension. Having administered the assessments, you’ll compose an entry for your e-portfolio in which you briefly present the student’s literacy profile, present and interpret the results of the assessments, and propose an appropriative intervention plan you’d enact if you were the student’s permanent teacher of record.

Building a Linked Text Set (60 points): In response to the Arkansas Anchor Standards for Reading, which specify that students should be able to “analyze how two or more texts address similar themes or topics in order to build knowledge,” you’ll be asked to build a Linked Text Set (LTS) to support your teaching a work of long-form fiction or non-fiction. In addition to print texts, your LTS should include non-print, multimodal texts (e.g., podcasts, films, websites, art, digital apps, etc.). To present your LTS you’ll compose an e-portfolio entry in which you identify essential questions your LTS is designed to address; identify specific Arkansas Reading Standards it targets; provide a rationale for your selection of texts; explain how you envision using the texts before and during reading; and offer a short synopsis of each text. Note that you’re expected to build your LTS around a long-form work of fiction or non-fiction that you anticipate teaching for the unit plan you’ll design and implement in April.

One-Pager Reader Response (60 points): To experiment with integrating art in the service of teaching literature you’ll be asked to create a “one-pager”—a single page visual response—in which you demonstrate your understanding of a literary text you’ll read for this class. Amongst other things, your one-pager should incorporate words, original artwork, symbols, and quotations from the text. To share your work, you’ll produce a screencast in which you present your one-pager, unpack its semiotic design, reflect on how completing it challenged you to think about the text, and discuss the role that you foresee arts integration playing in your future classroom.

Unit Plan (100 points): For this assignment you’ll design and teach an original two-week unit that centers on a work of long-form fiction or non-fiction that you select in concert with your mentor teacher. Having taught your unit plan in April, you’ll be asked to present a final draft for evaluation along with a written reflection in which you contextualize the unit, identify factors that influenced its design, and identify and discuss key revisions you made after teaching it to strengthen the final product. Your unit should incorporate print- as well as non-print media and modes of composing. Additional details will be provided as the assignment due date approaches.