Class Notes and Assignments


Course Assignments

e-Portfolio Shell and Introduction

e-Portfolio Entry #1: Reading Assessment and Intervention Plan

e-Portfolio Entry #2: Teaching with Linked Text Sets

Class Notes and Handouts

Teaching Reading

Phonics and Vocabulary (1-15-20)

Oral Reading Fluency (1-22-20)

Reading Comprehension (Informational Texts) (1-29-20)

Environmental Teaching

Sample Lesson Plan (2-12-20)

Sensory Detail Graphic Organizer (2-12-20)

Most Dangerous Game Excerpt (2-12-20)

Blank Lesson Plan Template (2-12-20)

Envisionment Building

Love by William Maxwell (2-19-20)

Sample Lesson Plan (2-19-20)

Unit Planning

Unit Design Sequence (2-19-20)

Unit Plan Template (2-19-20)

Blank Unit Plan Template (2-19-20)

Blank Lesson Plan Template (2-19-20)

Characteristics of Essential Questions (2-19-20)

Collaborative Great Gatsby Unit Plan (2-19-20)

Peer Editing Questions (3-18-20)

Directions for Unit Plan e-Portfolio Entry (4-22-20)

Frontloading Complex Texts

Maus Storyboard (3-4-20)

Mapping the Geography of The Great Gatsby (3-4-20)

Join CIED 5213 Group (3-4-20)

Let America Be America Again (3-4-20)

The Great Gatsby Web Quest by Brandi Sellers (3-4-20)

Frankenstein Web Quest by Mallory Craig (3-4-20)

The Great Gatsby for NES (3-4-20)

Using Drama to Build Understanding

Questions for The Great Gatsby Role Play Activity (3-11-20)

Moderator Script for The Great Gatsby Role Play (3-11-20)

Teaching Close Reading

Attending to Word Choice in Chapter 1 of The Great Gatsby (3-18-20)

Using Art to Support Literary Understanding

Body Biography Directions (4-1-20)

Body Biography Example (We Were Here) (4-1-20)

Visual Argument Directions (4-1-20)

Example of a Visual Argument (4-1-20)